Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Blog-O-Sphere

Hello there my fellow book lovers! I have decided to create this new blog as a Book Review section of my original blog  For those of you who already know me, and those who I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting, I dedicate this blog to you, my readers.

One of my most favorite pastimes is reading. I can read almost any type of book...basically, if it has words, I will read it! Now, that does not necessarily mean that I like every book I read, which is why I created this blog for you. I hope this will serve as a journal of sort for my own reference of books, but also will help readers to make more informed choices of books in which to invest your time and money.

Please feel free to follow my blog's and comment on my posts. I do enjoy feedback and comments which will give me different ways of analyzing the same book, but perhaps from a different perspective!

And now, whithout further ado, my book reviews shall commence!


  1. welcome! Come see me at

  2. Kudos on the blog makeover :)