Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Ok readers....this book is WEIRD!!! but good in an odd sort of way. If you can get past the slow beginning, the story ends fairly well!

The human race has been taken over by Souls-shiny, silver souls that are inserted into human "host" bodies and walk the planet in search of taking over all human life. Melanie is one of the last few remaining humans remaining when she is discovered by a soul seeker and handed over to the other soul's to take over. When the new soul is inserted into Melanie's body, she keeps fighting, and her memories and thoughts are still apparent to her body's new occupant. The sould known as Wanderer, which is later shortened to Wanda, discovers a deep connection to Melanie and a passion for saving her Human race.

Melanie and Wanda work together to find where Melanie's family has been hiding in the underground caves in Arizona-when they discover the caves, they discover a colony of Humans that have not yet been discovered by the souls.

At first, the humans are skeptical of Melanie and Wanda, and keep her in their sight at all times, as time continues, the humans discover that Melanie and Wanda are completely harmless, and realize that Wanda is actually a very interesting creature.

As the story closes, Wanda teaches Doc (the colony Doctor) how to remove her from Melanie's body, and how to give the human race a fighting chance at gaining back their planet.

This book was interesting to say the least! It was told from the first person perspective from both Melanie and Wanderer, but from the same body, the thoughts are different, but connected on a deep emotional level. I have been dying to read this book for quite some time now, but I don't think I would ever read it over again. It was just ok.......

Have any of you read this book yet? I would love to know what you thought of it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Face the Fire by Nora Roberts

Ok, I'm back to my blogging, and thought I would at least post about the last book in this trilogy that I had already started. I know some of you were anxious to read about the final sister....what about her?

So book three in the Three Sisters Island Trilogy is a continuation (obviously) of the first two  books. This final story tells the tale of the third sister, the one with the most powers, that has been practicing and refining her witch-craft skills for many years-Mia Devlin. Mia is the owner of the local cafe/bookstore (my ultimate dream job-food and books, how could you go wrong)?

The final book of this trilogy brings the story around to complete a full circle (quite literally) as the sisters realize the curse the island has been under. The three sisters bond with one another on a deeper level than anyone had expected when they discover the truth to the curse, one that the sisters alone can break by forming a circle with their powers. Mia, the most powerful and practiced witch shares her experience with Nell, the newcomer to the island that discovers her inner witch, and Riley, who has dismissed her powers for many years.

As the story comes to a close, the curse is finally broken, and all three women discover their own true love, one book at a time. Nora Roberts shares the lives of the three women as sisters, but also as a bond that can never be broken, no matter how many past lovers come between them.

I would rate this trilogy as one of the best I have ever read of Nora Roberts. It has a light romance side to it, but also a fun and interesting story with many twists involved throughout each book. I would recommend this book as we are heading into the Halloween season - a fun and light read about some witches that break a centruries-old curse.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Heaven And Earth by Nora Roberts

book #2 of the Three Sisters Island trilogy continues in a fast paced story about three women that share a special bond, the same bond that has connected their ancestors to the island many generations back.

Book 2 focuses on the story of the second siter, Ripley Todd. Ripley is a Sherriff on the island and is very hesitant to believe in the powers she posesses. She is aware that they are rooted deep inside her being, but does not want to expose them to the world. As Ripley's story unfolds in this page turning novel, she finds herself falling for a man who is not a native to the island, but a researcher who has come to explore the witchcraft that continues to haunt the island.

As MacAllister Booke, AKA Mac begins to realize Ripleys extraordinary abilities, he is determined to help her accept who she is as an important asset to the island. Ripley struggles deep inside with her abilities as a witch, but starts to accept her true self and inner witch as she falls in love with Mac...somewhat against her initial will!

I love the way Nora Roberts develops her trilogies, she is quite a storyteller! Of all the trilogies I have read of Roberts, this seems to be one of my favorite, perhaps because of the witchcraft energy that evolves throughout the story! Book 2 was not my favorite of the three, but still a good read, and certainly must be read for book 3 to close the story in sequence.