Thursday, September 23, 2010

Face the Fire by Nora Roberts

Ok, I'm back to my blogging, and thought I would at least post about the last book in this trilogy that I had already started. I know some of you were anxious to read about the final sister....what about her?

So book three in the Three Sisters Island Trilogy is a continuation (obviously) of the first two  books. This final story tells the tale of the third sister, the one with the most powers, that has been practicing and refining her witch-craft skills for many years-Mia Devlin. Mia is the owner of the local cafe/bookstore (my ultimate dream job-food and books, how could you go wrong)?

The final book of this trilogy brings the story around to complete a full circle (quite literally) as the sisters realize the curse the island has been under. The three sisters bond with one another on a deeper level than anyone had expected when they discover the truth to the curse, one that the sisters alone can break by forming a circle with their powers. Mia, the most powerful and practiced witch shares her experience with Nell, the newcomer to the island that discovers her inner witch, and Riley, who has dismissed her powers for many years.

As the story comes to a close, the curse is finally broken, and all three women discover their own true love, one book at a time. Nora Roberts shares the lives of the three women as sisters, but also as a bond that can never be broken, no matter how many past lovers come between them.

I would rate this trilogy as one of the best I have ever read of Nora Roberts. It has a light romance side to it, but also a fun and interesting story with many twists involved throughout each book. I would recommend this book as we are heading into the Halloween season - a fun and light read about some witches that break a centruries-old curse.

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